Java Servlets

A Java servlet is a server-side program that is called by the user interface or another J2EE component and contains the business logic to process a request. This article and the video tutorial describes the introduction of servlets, What is CGI, differences between Servlets and CGI programming, benefits of using Java Servlets, Anatomy or Life-Cycle of Servlets, how to write Java Servlet program, and practical implementation of Java Servlets, and Sessions Tracking using Java Servlets.

Java Server Pages

Java server pages is a server-side program which is similar to Java Servlets in design and functionality. JSP is written within HTML with scripting elements, directives, and actions. This article and video tutorial consist of Introduction to JSP, JSP life-cycle, JSP tags, JSP Architecture, How to write JSP programs with the practical implementation of the JSP program, variables, Methods & control statements and loops in JSP, JSP implicit objects, Request Object, Cookies and Sessions in JSP.